What’s New On Grand Turk

     My husband and I are planning our annual fall trip to Grand Turk.  I’m anxious to be back and I am looking to forward to seeing what is new.  We haven’t been back to Grand Turk for a year and in that year I have found a few new items to put on my list of things to try:

     First – A new label of beer is being brewed right on Grand Turk.  Dennis and Peggy Maynes are now brewing hard ginger beer on island called the “Islander”  The beer is made from the following; dominican republic sugar, florida lemons and ginger from china.  From what I hear Dennis and Peggy have set up shop right in the middle of Cockburn Town.

     Ginger Beer has been a favorite non-alcoholic beverage in the islands but this new hard ginger beer adds a new twist.  Drink it in a chilled glass with a twist of lemon or try one of these mixed cocktails;  The Moscow Mule (Vodka and Islander Ginger Beer) or a Dark and Stormy (Gosling’s Black Seal Rum and Islander Ginger Beer).  Be adventurous and try out a creation of your own.

     Second – I’m anxious to try my luck at the newly built, 5000 square foot casino, named the Santa Maria Gaming Saloon.  Built in the style of a ship and reminiscent of Christopher Columbus’ landfall of the Americas, following a local belief that Grand Turk is the true place of landfall.  The casino is located at the White Sands Beach Resort and next to the cruise ship terminal. 

     With it’s 100+ slot machines, as well as multiplayer state-of-the-art poker, roulette and black jack tables, there is certainly plenty to do to keep you occupied.   Entertainment with live bands is offered on the upper deck bars and lounges, where you can enjoy a drink along with the island sounds while you take in the the wonderful views and breezes.

     Finally I am hoping to discover new restaurants.  There seems to be a new restaurant that has popped up when ever I have return to the island, it’s always fun to try the new fare.  In the past the Turks Head Mansion (formally the Turks Head Inn) was open for dinner and was always a quaint and favorite place to dine.  It has been several years since it has been open to the public.  I don’t know if it has opened it’s doors again but I am hoping it has.  I’m sure there will be some new restaurant to try.  I’ll keep you posted.

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