Bobbing the Waves of Grand Turk

     It’s a beautiful sunny day here on Grand Turk, as it always is.  The air temperature is probably 85° with the water temperature maybe 76-77°.  There must be a storm out to sea somewhere because yesterday the sea turned from it’s usual calm with gentle lapping waves to rolling waves within just a couple hours time.  So for the last 2 days we have had fun coasting over the rolling waves and doing a little body surfing.

     The conditions are perfect for some gentle body surfing.  Though I prefer to coast over the waves my 2 daughters love to dive into the oncoming waves and ride them in.  I love the feel of the soft sand beneath my feet and the weightlessness as I slide over the wave.  That’s enough of a ride for me.

     Earlier today we took a walk down the beach.  The color of the water is so pretty and ever changing.  Today the water is more of a creamy turquoise due to the churned up sand from the waves.  On the real calm days the turquoise and blue colors are piercing.

     Later in the day we moved down the beach toward the Osprey Beach Hotel.  There is a stretch of coral in the water on the beach, before you reach the hotel, that makes a natural pool when the tide is low.  We have brought our children there since they were very young.  Back then we would bring our toddlers at low tide to splash safely in the little pool.   Now that they are older they like to go there when the tide is a bit higher and there are some waves.  They sit in the pool and wait for a wave to break causing a current that will pull them down along the beach.

     Who said there is nothing for kids to do here!  My children have always loved coming down to Grand Turk, they have cherished memories of hours playing in the ocean, walking the beach in search of shells and sea glass, burying each other in the sand and playing water games.

     The sea here at Crabtree Apartments is usually so calm and peaceful but every now and then we get a little wave action, we enjoy the change.

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