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      Running a vacation rental business can be rewarding, you meet a lot of really nice people and under wonderful circumstances;  excited people looking forward to a warm winter vacation by heading down to a tropical island oasis.  When our guests return from their vacation they are relaxed and happy, 99.9% of the time.  We feel it is very important for those inquiring about our vacation rental and booking, to understand that Grand Turk is a small, rustic, laid-back, quiet island.  For most people that is exactly what they are looking for.  There are no gourmet restaurants and not a lot of activities.  We strive to explain that basically being a beach bum; relaxing on the beach, walking the beach, exploring the sea and enjoying the views is the main attraction.  There is a bit of sight seeing, just enough shopping and a few outings to keep guest entertained without a grueling agenda.  We tell our guests that the island is an “Old World” island, there are no fast food restaurants or 5 star hotels and only a few small hotels at that.  The island is slow paced, kind of what you would have found 40 years ago in the Caribbean before the Caribbean  became “the winter vacation destination”.   We want to be sure our guest know what Grand Turk and Crabtree Apartments are like, to be sure they are getting exactly what they were looking for and therefore we have happy guests and many return customers.

     My husband and I purchased Crabtree Apartments in 1987 but did not rent them as short term rentals until 2004. I ran the bookings from 2004 to 2009.  Since 2009 my daughter, Jessalyn, and I have been running this business together.    For the last 2 years, Jessalyn, for the most part, handles the bookings and e-mail correspondence.

     It has been fun getting to know our guests and we love hearing the comments upon their return.  Many guests have found us by the raving reviews on TripAdvisor.com.  One of the most rewarding aspects of running a vacation rental is getting to know our guests.  Though we rarely meet them face to face, believe it or not we do get to know many of them through the phone and e-mail conversations.  I have been invited to visit, if I ever find myself in England or to a Italian dinner if ever in Italy.  I have been asked where I shop to decorate because they love the bed, quilts or patio furniture.  We have had honeymooners who have returned every year since they got married, and have shared with us the fact that they are now expecting an addition to their family.  Recently a friendly German guest wrote us telling us he loved his stay so much and he thought it would be a place many Germans would like to stay but that translations were difficult therefore he wrote a review for us in German.  Jessalyn and I have received many wonderful pictures from guest while on vacation and have heard many stories about the wonderful trips guests have had.  Last year a guest who revisited us brought along a gift of a lovely glass starfish to hang in the apartment to add to our decor.  We enjoy getting to know our guests and love to hear the news and events of our guests lives and enjoy staying in contact.

Here are a couple quotes from our guest:

Hidden away in the Caribbean is a cluster of islands called Turks & Caicos, Grand Turk is where the capital is, but this laid back island does not feel like a capital. The Crabtree apartments that we stayed at were situated on an amazing beach, with a nice patio you could step off of into soft white sand. Snorkel from your beach, or walk into town for lunch or dinner. The place was clean, came with everything you needed, including 2 bicycles to explore the island. The owners provided a great summary of things to do, see, amenities, and recommendations, and even made sure we had basic groceries in the fridge when we arrived. They were very prompt in responses to questions or needs we had both before we arrived and during our stay. Highly recommend Crabtree apartments, although I am not sure I want everyone to know about our new secret paradise.

If you are looking for a peaceful, relaxing holiday on an idyllic island with lovely uncrowded beaches, clear turquoise water, great snorkelling (and diving) and friendly people than head for Grand Turk.

If you are debating where to stay, put the Crabtree apartments at the top of your list.

My husband and I just returned from our 3rd visit to Grand Turk and our first stay at the Crabtree and couldn’t have been more pleased. Our unit was very clean, well equipped, private and steps from a lovely little beach.

We have no doubt we will return for a 4th visit and another relaxing stay at the Crabtree. Highly recommended!

 Val & Doug, Ottawa, Canada

     You can find reviews and read for yourself what our guests have to say about Crabtree Apartments, Grand Turk all over the web but here are links to a few of them:   Crabtree Apartments own website guestbook page , HomeAway.com , VRBO.com , TripAdvisor.com , FlipKey.com

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