April in Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos

My family and I have been traveling to Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands for 24 years.  This year was the first time I have been to the Turks and Caicos in April.  I think it may now be one of my favorite months there.  I am so happy to depart the New England weather in the winter months and truly enjoy the lovely tropical temperatures in February but I have to say I think the air and water temps in April are pretty much perfect.

This April, 14 of us traveled down to the Turks and Caicos from the Boston area, leaving behind 40º temperatures.  We arrived in Providenciales mid-afternoon to temperatures in the mid 80’s, ready to peal off the layers of clothing and thankful for the ever present tropical breeze.  We herded our pack of travelers through the customs area,  and collected our bags.  A few of us changed into more weather appropriate attire.  Once we had checked in with Air Turks and Caicos for our flight to Grand Turk and deposited our bags we headed in to Guilly’s Restaurant at the airport for a Rum Punch and a Grouper sandwich.  This is how we usually spend the layover between Provo and Grand Turk.  Soon we were in the air again on our way to Grand Turk, a short 25 minute flight.  The plane flew low enough to see the sister islands and water below – no clouds.  I am always amazed at the turquoise color.  Some of the water below looked so shallow that you could wade through.  I’m not sure if it really was as shallow as it looked but I’m sure the water is relatively shallow to account for the turquoise color of the water, the deeper water is more of a royal blue.  Finally with a perfect landing we disembarked and collected our bags.

Dennis of Grace Bay Car Rentals met us at the airport with our 2 cars.  With the crew we had, and all the bags, including the numerous baby items, it took us 2 trips to get us with all of our paraphernalia to Crabtree Apartments.  This was no big deal since the apartments are probably only a 5 minute drive at most.

Everyone shed their cool weather clothes, dawned their bathing suits and headed to the water for a swim. The water was delicious, warm and calm, once in, it was hard to get out even as the sun was going down.  We watched the horizon for the “Green Flash”  a cloud free horizon being the perfect conditions for spying it.  Some of us caught a glimpse, but not all, you have to pay close attention.

We all dried and changed for dinner, once again in a big herd we headed for the Sand Bar, about a 10 minute walk down Close Haul Road.  It was a lovely evening with a cloudless sky, you could see a blanket of stars above.  The warm breeze wrapped around us and the 3 friendly dogs tagged along by our sides.  I love the walk to the restaurants in the evening;  it’s a charming stroll down Duke St. with the stone and white washed walls that run along the narrow street which is lined with antique buildings and quaint gateways.  It feels to me a bit like I have stepped into the past.  The music from the Sand Bar drawing us in, we stepped in from the street.  We were lucky enough to find a table by the sea that could accommodate us all.  One reason I love the Sand Bar is because you sit on an outside deck literally on the edge of the water, with the sounds of the sea and the brilliant views just a few feet away.

By the time we had finished our meal we were all pretty tuckered out and wearily headed back to our apartment.  We each entered our humble abode and climbed in to our comfortable beds.  We shut the light and let the gentle lapping of the waves outside our windows lull us to sleep.  This was the end to the first day of a perfect family vacation.  I think there may be many more Grand Turk April vacations in store for us.

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