Turks and Caicos Potcakes – Doggie Update

     For years we have traveled to Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands and every time a local dog would find us and follow us around.  We grew to adore the little darlings.  Over the last few years Crabtree Apartments was adopted by 3 little homeless dogs who found that the guests at Crabtree appreciated their company.

     These charming four legged creatures have come to be known as Potcakes throughout the Turks and Caicos Islands and Bahamas, a name given to the local dogs because the islanders would feed them the caked on remains of their pots.

     So many of our guests have commented on the 3 lovable companions that greet them upon arrival and have kept them company as they walk the beach or down town to dinner each night, I thought I would give you a quick update.  These 3 lovable dogs are strays that have been cared for and watched over by the island residents and many of our guests.  My favorite is a black lab mix pictured in my February 2011 post “Birds, Dogs and Relaxation”.  She is a gentle thing, when I first met her my heart went out to her.  She had this huge tumor on her jowl that made it difficult to eat, her two enthusiastic mates would often gobble up the treats we offered, so we would feed her in a spot away from the others, often by hand.  Her 2 friends were also sweet animals that would happily trot along beside us as we walked the beach.  We became attached to the trio and gave them all names, Nigel – a springy short haired brown dog with huge ears that stuck up oddly, Marie a small to medium sized dog with perhaps a little shepherd in her bloodline, she loves to be scratched and Lumpy – named for the enormous lump on her jowl.   Every guest that has grown to love them have named them various names and we have discovered that they are known to the island residents with yet another set of names.

     I thought that some of our guest may like to have an update on our 3 friends.    Nigel a young male, pictured in the far right side of the 3 dogs pictured above, was adopted and now lives in Canada, I believe.

     Lumpy (her local name is Susie) the black dog still visits our guests at Crabtree, she sustained an injury to her tumor causing the tumor to drain, she was very sick and we thought we might lose her.  She was put on antibiotics and thankfully recovered however her tumor is cancerous and I don’t know how long we will enjoy her company.   She is getting older but hopefully will be around for a little while longer.  Lumpy has been a sweet friend and companion.
     Marie the brown dog on the right of the above picture, still trots around town visiting all her friends.  She happily chases the waves and takes care of her friend Lumpy – ie Susie.  They now have a new friend and so once again we have a friendly trio to walk with us to dinner each night.  They are good company for those that are dog lovers and seem to know the dog loving guests and move on to visit others along the beach when we have no guests or the guests aren’t the dog loving kind.
     There is now an ASPCA on Grand Turk island, in a little shop down on Duke St.  The woman who runs it, I’m sorry to say I have forgotten her name, is wonderful to all the dogs.  She has helped facilitate several adoptions and cares for so many of the stray dogs as well as having instituted a spay and neutering program.   If you are visiting the Turks and Caicos and willing to help one of the Potcakes make their way home to the USA, drop in as let them know.  The Turks and Caicos TCSPCA is always looking for volunteers to bring the adopted pets home to their new owners on their flights back to the States.  If you are interested in adopting a Potcake or are interested in the Grand Turk TCSPCA check out their Grand Turk TCSPCA Facebook Page   BEWARE – You may fall in love!

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