Grand Turk a little piece of Paradise

Some days you just feel like getting away from it all; the people, the rush and the hubbub – all of it.

There is a tiny island in the Caribbean that puts meaning in the quote “Don’t Worry Be Happy”, that island is Grand Turk. One of a string of islands in the Caribbean that make up the country of the Turks and Caicos Islands. There is not a lot to do here but swim, snorkel or scuba dive and join the locals for a drink at one of the local restaurant/bars that are perched on the edge of the sea. There are no fancy hotels or restaurants, no fast food or for that matter, fast anything.   Dinner itself is a long ordeal, service is not the quickest and nobody on Grand Turk appear to worry about anything.  After one mere day here, you can almost feel all the negative energy you are carrying melt away. Suddenly you realize you are free of your burdens, at least while you are there, and you begin to relax.

I love to get up in the morning and bring my breakfast out onto the veranda that overlooks the beach and turquoise sea, watch the birds fly by and listen to the gentle lapping of the waves. I usually wonder down the beach, sometimes meet a friendly dog or a single fellow beach comber but for the most part it’s just me, the sand, the gorgeous sea and sun.   I like to comb the beach for sea glass and then make my way back for a dunk in the warm waters.  Later I find myself relaxing in the lovely shade of the veranda, enjoying my book and the glorious view. One of the most pleasurable times of the day is at sunset, I love to have a glass of wine and watch the sun sink down over the horizon, hoping to catch the “Green Flash”, which on a clear day I do.

Under the glittering stars of the velvet evening sky my family and I will make our way on foot to one of the restaurants that are plunked on the edge of the beach and enjoy a rum punch while we wait for our dinner, listening to Jack Johnson or the like, blending in with the sound of the waves.

We then make our way back to our little haven on the beach.  My husband and I will sometimes step out onto the beach to enjoy the evening air and the beauty  of the stars reflecting on the sea.   I might even stick my feet into the glorious warm waters.

At the end of the day we stretch out in a soft comfortable bed with the gentle breeze wafting by and listen to the comforting sounds of the sea.

This to me is a little piece of Paradise!  Here on the sandy beach, just outside of Crabtree Apartments.

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