Getting To Know You

Running a vacation rental can be crazy but it is fun too. I have met so many people from all over. We have had guests from Italy, England, Germany, Canada and the US. Some people try to find every scrap of information they can on the internet about us or have a zillion questions while others just see the pictures and information they have seen on our website and are ready to book.  I’m always nervous that the person with the zillion questions won’t be happy, and that I didn’t tell them something they needed to know about Grand Turk or our place or that the person who didn’t ask anything but just booked, didn’t expect the kind of island they landed on or thought Crabtree Apartments was something different than it actually was.

I don’t know why I worry because time and time again my guests write back saying they loved Grand Turk and they loved our place.  To me it feels so good to know, I, in my little way, am making people happy.  I have enjoyed the telephone conversation I have had with my guest too, being invited to visit when I am in England and come to an Italian dinner if I ever find myself in Italy.  People can be so friendly.
We have had one of every kind, Fudge Makers, Ministers, Authors, Florists, Doctors, Heritage seekers, Honeymooner, Anniversary Celebrators, Engineers, Professors, Families with Toddlers, Families with Teens, Retirees, Ladies Groups, Divers, Father’s and Sons and the list goes on.  Some guest come with laptops and have a working vacation and others don’t even want to see a bit of communication equipment, not even TVs.
One thing they all have in common; When they return home they are all rested, relaxed, only in a way Grand Turk can make you relaxed, and rejuvenated. In the words of Xavier Tonneau, a colorful resident of Grand Turk and previous manager of Crabtree Apartments, an artist, musician and wonderful chef, whom sadly passed away a few years ago; “Grand Turk soothes your sole.” I have to admit that somehow it does.

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